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05-13-2013, 01:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
You keep banging the same drum here. So what if the Edmonton economy completely collapses in worst possible scenarios. IF that were to happen do you think for a moment that a non relocation deal would be worth the ink its printed on?

Like any owner in any pro sport in NA Katz would be looking for concessions/renegotiation/kickbacks etc as he cries about how untenable it is in the market and threatens to sell or fold the club unless he gets his way.

This ironclad 35yr agreement to keep the club in Edmonton is junk. Not worth anything and theres no such thing as a guarantee when it comes to pro sports contractual hijinx. The general history of pro sports in NA is owners always holding out their hands for more and more.
It would obviously have to be a massive economic downturn for him to ever consider moving the team. And I highly doubt the NHL would let him move the team without giving the market a chance to rebound. For example lets say that someone is elected in the states who really hates the effect the tar sands is having on the environment and blocks all crude coming from alberta. Obviously our economy would take a massive hit but I think the NHL would keep the team around for a minimum of 5 years to see if it would recover. Hell they kept the team in Atlanta a place they had no ties to for 10 years longer then they should have. If we have a brand new arena the choice to move becomes a lot harder. Also what is your recommendation if we don't build a new arena? And don't get me wrong because I'm all for a better deal but Katz really does have all the cards in this one. Also I think the provincial government should step up to the plate as this facility will be used by all northern alberta residents not just edmontonians. I feel the 100M from Katz, 200M from Provincial, and 200M from the city would be a fair compromise but that's just my opinion.

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