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05-13-2013, 03:09 AM
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Originally Posted by JacobimMugatu View Post
You're really misinterpreting the poll.
18/18 picking the pens doesn't assume that people thought this series was a 4 game sweep. It means that 18 of the 18 people questioned thought the pens would win in 4-7 games. And without having to pick the number of games, that doesn't leave this as just a common sense poll. It isn't as if they picked the higher seed in each series.
Yeah, I just mean if it was that unanimous obviously people thought there was no chance the Pens would lose it. Most of the picks went to higher seeds except for misleading seeds (Like 'Nucks vs. Sharks, Caps vs Rangers) you could have polled HFboards and come up with the same result.

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