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05-13-2013, 03:29 AM
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These were hard

Most valuable poster (MVP):
FP - He holds this place together.

Most popular poster:

Death Taxes Conacher - He'd be more popular if he didn't change his name every other month. He probably changed it again so nobody knows who he is.

Funniest poster:

FP (HM to Crabby and Lecavilier_4) - The F in Felonious stands for Funny.

Most insightful poster:
Poundcake (HM to chasespace and LS) Doesn't get enough credit

Should post more:
nhljohnson & bassassin - A lot of people could win this award, but these two especially should post more.

Should post more in GDTs:
Astraphobia Catalyst & Frenchy - Both are winners

Cory Murphy Chalice of Victory for Underratedness:
Kristia (HM to Vasilevski, Tampa Bay Trio, and IdealisticSniper) She's da boss

Rookie of the Year:
Crabby Williams - Came out of nowhere and took this board by storm

Best avatar:
Still All In (HM to TBLightningFan and Butchered) As always, lookin fine

"It's still All In to me dammit." - Felonious Python
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