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Originally Posted by Melbourne Ice View Post
Exactly. Babcock is stubborn and set in his ways, but he got there in the end.

I'll go one further: He can, and probably will, outcoach Quenville in the next series. Which does not mean that the Wings will win.
Joel Quenneville has never beat Detroit Red Wings with his teams in a playoff-series as a head coach (since he was an assistant coach with Avs at 1997). I still think that will happen at 2nd round, but interesting to see how the Hawks/Quenneville handle the pressure. We could see interesting things if the series does not go with Hawks way.

He had somekind of mental collape at 2009, let's hope that again.

Joel Quenneville vs. Detroit Red Wings

1996-97 St.Louis vs. Detroit 2-4
1997-98 St.Louis vs. Detroit 2-4
2001-02 St.Louis vs. Detroit 1-4
2007-08 Colorado vs. Detroit 0-4
2008-09 Chicago vs. Detroit 1-4

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