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01-03-2004, 08:47 AM
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Name: Ty Smith
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Location: Martinez California
Status: single, with no GF
Occupation: Student
Favoite Music Artist(s): Pink Floyd, Journey, Boston,Lynyrd Skynyrd. - Styper, Barren Cross, Guardian, Whitecross, Titanic (Christian 80's hard rock/metal)-
Favorite TV show: um... Even Stevens
Favorite Book(s) or Author(s): Frank Pretti, Steven Lawhead, The Hobbit, & any Star Wars novel.
Favorite Av: Adam Foote
Favorite Ex-Av: Mike Ricci, Scott Parker, Owen Nolan (see a trend?)
Least Favorite Av: Teemu Selanne
Favorite non-Av: Jonathan Cheechoo, & Patrick Marleau
Favorite team: San Jose Sharks
How else is hockey in your life?: Well, I live in a hockey deprived culture, so I watch, read, and study it (yes, study). Oh ya, I Also play in-line hockey.
Favorite Av moment: When Ray Bourque lifted the cup, it was the only moment on Tv/movies that has brought tears to my eyes.
LEAST favorite Av moment: When Peter Forsberg score in game 7 of the 2002 playoffs aginst the Sharks.
How and when did you become an Av fan?: The first ever hockey game I went to was the Sharks -vs- the Avs.

Shoots: right
Position: defense/forward

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