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05-13-2013, 08:40 AM
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Okay, this was my father, not me, but i have to tell the stories cause i think they're funny...

My dad worked for the New York Racing Association (Aqueduct and Belmont tracks). He basically ran the Jock's room, did the official weigh-ins etc. and met a lot of sports guys who came to the track. He was especially good friends with Bernie Geoffrion, Reggie Fleming, and Gerry Cheevers. When Geoffrion was coaching the Rangers (68-69) he came in once with Reg Fleming who was on the team. My father asked Reggie if he was going to take care of Ferguson that night (as they were playing the Canadiens). Reggie flexed like a body-builder and said - "I'll take care of him!" Then Geoffrion slapped him hard on the back of the head and said - "You're not gonna fight tonight!"

In the early 80's Cheevers stopped by at the beginning of the season (he owned horses and was always coming by) and my father asked him who was going to win the cup that year. Cheevers said - "The Islanders are a cinch." Thing is, Cheevers was the coach of the Bruins at the time. (actually not that funny to me since i am a Bruin's fan)

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