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05-13-2013, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by polysaturate View Post
Yes, orignal high end, versus new price point.

I don't really take any slap shots, mostly here and there in warmups just to grease the movements a little. I'm a wrister kind of guy and snap shots when I have a little more time and room. I'm rather short 5' 7", and not terribly strong(1xBW bench, to give an idea). So I figure the int. is right up my alley flexwise.

I am coming from a 4k that is falling apart. It was cheap, and I am ready to move on to a nicer stick.

So, I am leaning towards the original Mako, but wouldn't mind hearing if you had any other suggestions.
Okay I'm the same height and my bench is a lot less than my bodyweight

I think you'd like the Mako.

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