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05-13-2013, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
I think Morrissey has the potential to be another Kimmo Timonen or, dare I say it, Drew Doughty type of defenseman. The one thing that doesn't get talked about when it comes to Morrissey is just how smart he is on the ice. I know I talk a lot about how the smarts of a player, but to me, if you're drafting a player, you want to know that they think and play at the same time and with Morrissey, you can just see how well he thinks the game out on the ice. He doesn't have the size that other players have, so he also relies on positioning, poke checking, and thinking the play ahead when he makes a move. That's what number 1 defensemen do - they are always thinking out there. I think that's the one thing that impresses me the most about Morrissey and why I view him so highly. His game really does remind of Kimmo and Drew, but he might have a better shot than both of them.

As for Samuel Morin, I'm not sold on him at all and I'll explain more in the next part.

Samuel Morin scares the hell out of me and that's because he's 6'7 and he skates well for a man his size. I'm sold on him being a Tyler Myers at all. One of the things that really struck me with regards to Morin is that he's a guy who has a lot of work to do in improving his footwork. Even though he's a good skater, he got turned inside out at the U18 tournament several times. As well, his pivoting and turning while working in the corners also needs a lot of work.

I suppose the offensive game between the two is similar, but Morin has an awful lot of work ahead of him. I suppose he could have a Chara-like rise if he's developed in the proper environment, but that's really hoping that everything on his development path goes right. That's the problem with a guy like Morin - he might have the raw skill to be an impact player down the road, but it's getting him from point a to point b that's going to be the challenge. If he doesn't pan out and other defensemen drafted after him turn out to be the real deal, that's a move that can set a franchise back by several years. The Flyers can't afford to be risk takers in this situation. They just don't have the depth in their system to take on such a project at 11. At 41? Yeah no problem, but not at 11.

What worries me about Morin is that there's so much work that needs to be done to cultivate that raw skill. If the Flyers had a development system like Detroit or Phoenix does when it comes to defensemen, then there wouldn't be so much to worry about - and that's the problem with the Flyers. Their development system for defensemen leaves a lot to be desired. Yes, I'm willing to give Terry Murray a chance to see if he can turn any of the young defenders into quality NHL defensemen, but it's going to take time.

As for Lauridsen, he has been a 4 year and change project in the making. According to some on here, he's still a ways away from being an NHL defender, so he isn't out of the woods yet. With Morin, you're looking at least another two seasons of junior and then probably two years at the AHL level and then a couple of seasons at the NHL and even then, you're probably not looking at him making an impact until he's 25 at the earliest.
You and I differ on Morin. I agree he is not ready to step in and play right away but this young man's ceiling is off the charts. He stood out at the U18 tournament. I have been watching hockey since the 60's and still cannot predict where and when a player will make a impact in the league.Hell if I was that good I would be working for some team in the NHLAnyway we should get a very good player at 11. I said before I like Josh. But Sam really has me intrigued.

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