Thread: Player Discussion: Brad Richards Part II
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05-13-2013, 09:07 AM
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Able to trade Gomez and Gabs and I think dramatically win both trades.

ABle to bury Redden in the minors (though he still influenced the summer cap)

Now we get this buyout for the big Brich.

We simply will not continue to luck out like this. A guy will get seriously injured like Dip or yashin did and then you're on the hook. We have set ourselves up to get out from these contracts which was smart but this richards buyout option...I dunno maybe Sather knew ahead of time it was likely but that's an awful big risk, we got lucky that the option is there, period. Regardless as many have said we thought he'd be 60-80 pts for at least 3 years and decline more slowly. His PP uselessness was completely surprising.

Drury had 2 good years and we only had him for what 5 years?

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