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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
The most frustrating part about our powerplay issues, to me, does get pinned on Sather. And that's the lack of effort for him to actually do anything about it, outside of the one year he brought in McCabe at the deadline. That was flawed as well.

Sather is the boss. At some point, and I think we passed that point last year, he has to tell Tortorella that he doesn't care what the coach's opinion on it is, he's bringing in a coach to help with the PP. Then, he gives Tortorella a list of options and lets him choose the guy. It's more Sather's fault that we don't have someone else working with our powerplay than it is Tortorella's.
Slats brought in McCabe, who wasn't a PPQB at any point, and that was flawed. However, Richards was supposed to fix that problem and he never managed to. In the meantime, the best PP we've had since Torts arrived was the first year of Del Zotto. IMO, he's fine as a QB and we've stunted his growth as a pointman by giving that role to Richards.

Del Zotto was great in his first year at commanding the play, stretching out the box and setting up players (Kotalik in particular) for one-timers. Where did that go? Why did we abandon that idea in favor of Richards and a PP strategy that simply has not worked for two years now?

Hand the PP to Moore and Del Zotto. Stepan and Nash on the half-walls, and Cally in front of the net. I'd be absolutely shocked if we didn't see a noted improvement almost right away. All five of those players have skill and proven chemistry. Then switch it up and let Brassard run the second unit from the half-wall.

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