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05-13-2013, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
Ok, so I've never owned a Toyota and I want to test drive some. I don't want anything too bling and I don't want to deal with issues... so Toyota is top on my list since i have hondas since forever.

I hate, hate, hate dealing with salesman but whatever, I guess I have no choice if I want to test drive.

If anyone knows a really good toyota dealer or tips please share.

Is it really true to get the best deal on a used car is to buy it from a competitor dealer since they want to get rid of the car faster?

Would a toyota be cheaper say at a mazda dealer than it would be at a toyota?
Just my .02, find a reputable Toyota or Lexus dealership and work with them on a price, using the blackbook and autotrader values to make your case. Toyota/Lexus is very much service focused, that's where they make their money. They want a relationship not to screw you on a vehicle. I also feel very comfortable with a Toyota/Lexus certification, they do rigorous checks before sales.

I am in GTA so my dealership recommendations would be useless to you.

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