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Originally Posted by Whiskeypete View Post
the biggest issue DL faces now is what appears to be a glut of goalies hitting the market this summer. fortunately many of them are showing up with quite a bit of baggage included. off the top of my head the following guys will likely be moved or at least shopped.

Luongo / Schneider - still to be seen what happens in VAN, but Lou will likely be the one to go. at minimum VAN uses a buyout on him, which puts him on the open market.

R Miller - BUF starts the full rebuild, cuts salary and gains picks or prospects.

Bryz - PHI uses a buyout and re-rolls the dice in net. S Mason is the apparent heir, but that leaves a back up and possibly even the starter spot open. Mason still a huge question in net

J Hiller - one year left on his deal. Fasth as good if not better, J Gibson and Andersen in the wings. ANH starts shopping Hiller to save cap room and secure pick/prospect

R Emery - UFA after this year. had good numbers this past season in CHI and will possibly look for a #1 role someplace.

M Smith - UFA this summer. hard to say if he would stay in the desert or move on from a shaky situation and team that is mired in quicksand.

Halak - one year left on his deal and apparently in Hitch's doghouse. is being paid as the starter, but Elliott has passed him on the chart. not sure of STL's depth after these two, but it is possible Armstrong moves Halak and secures a different and cheaper backup to save cap and push Elliott

these are just the big names that are being mentioned as either UFA or possibly being shopped. take it down to the next level of current backups and teams #3G's (#1 G in AHL) and the summer goalie market is going to be stocked.

one major advantage though DL will have is the guys i listed are typically 30+ y.o. and as i said they bring baggage with them. they may not be future franchise goalies to build around, but they can be that 'bridge' player for a team.

i was optimistic of DL getting a 1st for JB in the draft, but right now i don't see it. there is to much supply on the market. i think NYI, BUF, NJ and PHI will be the most likely trade partners. all four of them are out of conference and either in full rebuild, or at the point they need to address their G late in the rebuild process.

the point of MTL now being a possible destination is also something i wouldn't discount. after Price's performance this spring it won't surprise me to see the Habs move away form him. they did the same thing after J Theodore didn't live up to expectations. the fact that JB is from Quebec makes this even more of a possibility. never, ever discount the whole French Canadian - Montreal connection.
I'm not singling you out here WhiskeyPete, just I have seen this message posted several times in this thread and it's not really correct.

There is a large volume of goalies available this off-season, however there is two different markets. One of for teams looking to win now, and it's those teams who will be going hard after the likes of Luongo, Miller, et al. That market has a glut of goalies.

The other market though is for teams looking to rebuild, or add to an ongoing rebuild, with a goalie for the long-term. Temas like New Jersey, maybe the Islanders, maybe Calgary, etc. That market is very limited, and Bernier might be the only name available for that market. You might toss Halak into the mix as well if he's available.

The market bernier is competing against is actually very small and should drive his price up.

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