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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
I dont give a damn how long you've been watching hockey. Judging by your comments about openly rooting for the team to lose so a coaching change can take place, it sure seems like you havent used all that hockey watching time to analyze this situation and put it into perspective.

This organization has 1 cup in 73 years. Its difficult to win the Stanley Cup. They currently have a coach that, yes, has his flaws -- hes also less than a year removed from the Rangers' best performance in close to 20 years. This current roster has had 2 major overhauls since July, no training camp, a strike shortened season, and a supposed #1 center who cant get out of his own way. Yet, here we are, heading into a game 7 against one of the hottest teams in the league down the stretch. For you to scapegoat the coach and pin the entire lack of a current or future Stanley Cup on him lacks perspective.

I hope that this teams wins tonight, and goes on a massive run in the current weeks to make you look like a fool but you already look like one by openly rooting for your team to lose playoff games because you think you know better about the coaching situation.
So, the Rangers, historically, are a marginal franchise. So I should be satisfied with marginal playoff performances? Especially when the Rangers have a generational talent with Henrik Lundqvist. You think Torts has done a bang up job with the team he has? Did you even live through Rodger Nielson? A guy who constantly got the Rangers to be tops in their division. But who, equally, had very little success in the playoffs. After a few seasons, they got rid of him.

But, the Rangers didn't have a long enough training camp you say. That excuse works maybe the first 20-25 games of the season. The Rangers systemic issues were apparent all the way through. Actually, its more or less the same problems they had last season(just more magnified). I didn't think they were going to win anything last season either. But, at least, I felt they were moving forward. I thought Torts, after getting Nash, would start making adjustments to his system. It didn't happen. We still play the same damn way we did since '11. The modern day transition is completely over his head.

We pissed away having a year of Gabs/Nash together for the playoffs just so Torts can get his "guys." Torts couldn't figure out a system or strategy to utilize both of those weapons effectively. That hasn't seemed to be helping Nash a whole hell of a lot now that he can be smothered.

You trying to buff up Washington is laughable. They are marginal team playing in the worst division in hockey. They have one of the worst penalty kills in the NHL, and yet it looks amazing against our inept PP.

You can call me a fool if you want. But I'd rather be fool than delusional that this team will magically win a cup with Torts. It aint happening.

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