Thread: Player Discussion: Brad Richards Part II
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05-13-2013, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by RangersFan View Post
with signings like richards, redden, drury, gomez, you really gotta wonder what this teams nhl scouts are doing. their declines should be evident to those who are paid to evaluate players. yes, even before they sign here, if these guys do this for a living they should be able to take note of signs in players that it might be a mistake investing large sums of money to these guys.

the days of this team adding THE Marquee FA of the summer should be over no matter how attractive the name (though malkin is interesting only because he's special). they continue to fail and decline in NY. they gotta really start being selective of who they sign in FA, even if it's a wait and see game over multiple years, they gotta really target and be selective. of course when jobs matter, and icing the best team possible year after year is important, this team has failed too many times in the FA market, pre and post cap. they gotta start fostering chemistry with the parts that work, avoid the big expensive name, and fill in holes with reasonable FA that make sense, and really hope and pray younger players improve year after year, and also hope to strike lighting in the draft.

this organization has tried to fix bad teams with marquee FAs, tried to put a good team over the top with marquee FAs, and tried to address areas of weakness with marquee FAs, and they have failed spectacularly time and time again. their one arguable sucess was gaborik, who even then ended up being too inconsistent, despite having 2 40 goal years.
outside of Redden, all of those players were relatively young and coming off VG seasons with their former clubs. What other criteria can you identify prior to going after these FAs?

Each of the players you mentioned failed for different reasons, although some did have initial success. I'm not sure what the case is with Brad Richards. I'm starting to think that there is lingering problems suffered from the concussion in his last season in Dallas. The Kaleta hit might have instigated things?

Regardless, his play has dropped beyond belief. Also, he's no dummy and probably knows he's a prime candidate for amnesty buyout. I'm sure it's given him even less incentive to dig deep and find his game.

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