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05-13-2013, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by AmatuerFan65 View Post
Not absurd about 14-15 year old having a "family advisor". We have one. The agents have been chasing my kid for a year before we settled on a very reputable 'family advisor". We are unsure what route my son will eventually take. He already has a Division 1 offer. Got it whan he was 14. The advisor is there is to advise. We have not gone through this before. We do not know all. Most importantly - THIS IS A BUSINESS - with 15 -16 years as the product. So yes, we as a family want to make the best decision for our kid. Having a GM from the Q league give us a pitch - is a one sided affair. I have no idea if he would be telling me the truth or selling me a bag of BS. Our advisor would be able to tell us ...
Unless your advisor is friends with the GM... in which case they are both offering you a bag of BS. A lot of what Frankie is saying is right, the hockey world is very small and these kids draft prospects rise and fall on a very small group of opinions of them. As qualified or unqualified that opinion might be... there there should be no doubt in anyone's mind that scouts, GM's, agents all do things in their interest. If their interest line up with a kids interests, well there you have a success story for them all to hold up. When it doesn't, well there was a kid that got used and abused.

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