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Originally Posted by ZARTONK View Post
I didn't go through the entire thread so I apologize if I bring up ideas that were already posted.

I'll start by commenting on firing Michel Therrien, I'll get to hiring Patrick Roy further down the post.

First and foremost, yes, the playoffs and the end of the season were miserable to watch from a fan's perspective, and I'm sure it was even worse for those involved with the team, be it the players, the coaching staff, the front office and all other who are involved with the Montreal Canadiens. However, as I've stated before, in numerous other threads, I'm happy with this past season because honestly, I didn't have high hopes.

Now, someone in this thread said that people were blinded by the second place finish to the regular season, but I say, why not? We did go up from 15th to second, why should we discard that? Who can honestly say they expected the Habs to win the Cup this year, or make it very far in the playoffs, or even to make the playoffs at all?... I'll be the first to say that anything higher than a 12th place finish in the East was good for me. People can claim I'm a fake, pessimistic fan, but after the season we had last year, that's how I felt.

I don't attribute all of this years success to MT, but in my opinion, he played a big part in that. He, with MB, brought in a new attitude and mentality to the team. For the people who watched the 24CH episodes, you saw, a few times, players saying that this year's better than the last one because they are better supported by the staff. So I take my hat off to MT for bringing new life to a team that was so lost last season that we finished in last place in the conference. This is why I don't see any reason at all to get rid of MT, he not only took the team to the playoffs but he brought in a new attitude. Sure, mistakes were made, but I don't think you can expect excellence from a coach that was just hired, who couldn't even have a proper training camp, and who had to deal with a losing attitude with a 15th position team.

Now, on to Patrick Roy... I'll say right off the bat that I have no idea why the fans here have such a hard-on for this guy as a coach... I don't see the point of having him here if he's going to challenge the GM and the media with his hot temper... He was a great goalie, sure, but why are people so sure he'll make a good NHL coach, I don't know...
Actually, I said we would make the playoffs since the end of last season, although I stipulated we would need a healthy Gionta and Markov to do it. Nice to see I was right! I said we could be a Cup contending team, but we needed two pieces: a Clowe type of forward and a Stoner type of defecenman. When Bergevin got neither, i knew we were in trouble. I hope that we get someone like those two guys in the off season because those are the missing ingredients, along with health, needed to make a Cup run.

I agree that there is no need to fire Therrien based on last season's ending. Of course, I didn't want to hire him in the first place, but he was the best of what was available at the time.

Roy should never be allowed near this team in any capacity ever again. Maybe as a mascot on the street in front of the Bell Center, but not in any position to effect the product on the ice. Lousy traitor...

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