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Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
cool. so what's the agent's advice for you? does he say your kid should go to the qmjhl or go ncaa?

or does it depend on which team drafts your kid in the q? are you playing the "ncaa card" game?

and how much are you paying this agent? surely he's not working and providing you with his experience and advice for free.
We will not play games. We are either all in NCAA or QMJHL. We are definately leaning towards NCAA - as there is life after hockey. We have not accepted the NCAA division 1 offer - too early.

We are not paying a single penny. It would make my kid ineligible for the NCAA. They do certainly hope that he gets drafted into the NHL - that will be when they make their money. Right now, its us asking questions and seeking advice from them.

The reality is that - talented kids will be approached by advisors or agents at 14-15 years of age or younger. I have seen it with my own eyes and my wife and I were quite amazed by it.

As for the advice - all the advisors we met say the NCAA is great "but....." However, once they realized that we are are holding firm to our beliefs - then we receive advice re:NCAA etc. Like any good advisor I will expect to eventually hear about what QMJHL can/will offer my son. We are expecting it and will certainly listen. There are pros and cons to each system. He can only play in the NCAA at 18 years of age - so where does he play after Midget? USHL?

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