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05-13-2013, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by coladin View Post
I have driven them all and they are all incredible cars that you can drive your kids to hockey or soccer in as well.

The M3 is really nice, excellent V8 and it is not a very flashy car. I don't think it is available anymore, or in the new model as of yet. BMWs have taken a lot of heat lately in comparos, especially the 5 and the 7 as many feel they have lost their way a bit.

I just drove an S4 and it is a great car for the cash. Sounds real nice, Supercharged V6 and excellent interior for 58K. It is not as fast and really isn't in the league as the M3 and C63. The RS4 is.

I went with a C63. Have had it for two years and stoplight to stoplight nothing will touch it. I know that BMWs are great on the track and will beat a C63, but on the road, it ain't happening...Handles real nice and the interior is well built. Be prepared to replace the rear tires every 7 or 8K, other than that it is a pig on gas, and I don't care! It makes me giggle every day. And that to me is what a car should do, connect with your emotions because any thing can get you from Point A to Point B, but these cars are all about emotions.

I am getting the last beast of them, the 2014 will be the last year with the 6.2 V8. The turbos are nice and getter on gas but for pure thrills nothing sounds like an AMG V8!

The track point is wrong... The M is certainly ''easier'' to track, but the c63 has a lot more potential. I've raced quite a few M's over the year... They're fun, for sure but the C is a different beast!!!! The s4 is not even comparable, more of a flashy car. (Albeit I'd still own one )

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