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05-13-2013, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
so its not your job, you're just a scout for a team. so they give you a team jacket and perhaps $1000 a year. that doesn't mean you know anything about the business. and again, you're not necessarily the only one with experience being involved with a team (I can't say "working" for a team because its not a job, its just something you do on the side for fun).

being personally involved obviously taints your view of things. you have a vested personal interest in continuing the charade, and you clearly don't want to hear any alternate views that call into question many parts of the hockey industry.

again, you've unintentionally further exposed the charade. these agents are your friends, you're all in this together for your own purposes. your agent friend comes up to you, tells you about some kid he "owns", and you get a road trip out of it and ensure your agent friend's kid gets drafted.

anyone can be a scout for a qmjhl team, its not exactly an exclusive club of brilliant hockey minds (no offense intended). so yeah, I think many don't know what they're doing and are heavily influenced by things they hear, especially things they hear from these agents.

i'm not surprised you won't reply anymore because obviously you want to shut down any conversation that exposes this sham and calls into question the gig you have with a qmjhl team. that's understandable.

i'll throw out this question again though and maybe someone else can answer. why is there a draft at all? why can't a 15 year old kid simply sign with the team of his choosing?
Frankie, are you an angry small market GM?

Haha you have completely lost your marbles with these draft/collusion conspiracy thories. The QMJHL draft has a relatively small issue with the NCAA, correct. They are working on a solution, I have heard talk of some smaller market scouts wanting kids to declare their eligibility before the draft or they have to go through waivers (AKA guarenteed to end up on a weak team).

That may cause some talent to leave the league though. Still waiting on a solution for these 3-4 players per year who play in between, but it sure as hell won't end up being your solution of teams wasting picks on players who aren't interested.

Lets say we use your solution with Anthony Duclair or Deluca in the early 2nd. Rouyn-Noranda, fora smaller market example, drafts them, they say thanks but I would prefer NCAA. All Rouyn has now gained is the pride of saying 'we're fixing this draft and we tried". Fans don't accept that, ownership doesn't except that.. Nobody does.

Scoutman has a QMJHL scouting gig. This is a fact I can attest to. He is an experienced hockey mind, and yes anyone can be a scout but you won't last long without good critical thinking, its like any other thinking job.

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