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Originally Posted by Cunneen View Post
I have NHL player stats on excel spread sheets up too 2003-2004 season. Tomorrow I am going to go back even further into the 1990s to create my own data base. Anyways, once I'm done I will attach the sheets to this thread so that anyone who wants to use them can.

Why start another database project when there is something already in existence - namely, the hockey-databank project ( Granted, I don't provide the data in Excel format (and have no plans to do so), but I suspect someone well versed in Excel could take the data I distribute (CSV files) and create something similar to what you have without too much effort. As far as the data goes, it looks like you have time on ice, but otherwise, I think everything else is available already in the hockey-databank.

The point I'm trying to make is - it seems to me that combining efforts has a number of advantages, compared with a bunch of people working independently on their own thing.


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