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Originally Posted by The Big Unit View Post
The problem with Cullen is that he's not a long term option. He's 9 months younger than Ryan Smyth. Wouldn't it make more sense to get a guy who's going to stick around for a while?
Yes and no. Generally speaking you should be able to change your 4th line center every year and it shouldn't matter. For someone reason in Edmonton it's an issue. However if I'm signing a 36 year old in Cullen it's not for the 4th line, but as a vet to bridge the gap until we can find someone better. Not every move has to be long-term.
Originally Posted by Oilfan2 View Post
We need to look at a lot more than hits to determine a player's worth to a team.

In the playoffs, the 6th place team(ANA) in hits lost out to the 4th last place team(Detroit)...There's a place for hits but too many times I see players going out of their way to 'finish a check' and forgetting the puck, which ends up as a shot or goal.
We need strong, 2-way players that can handle themselves in front of the net, win along the boards and protect their team mates occasionally.
The list for me more shows what you actually need to be a 4th liner in the playoffs. There isn't exactly a lot of glamour players in that list. Most of them are nothing more than 4th liners that can't play 3rd line. We spend too much time worrying about something that is so minor in the grand scheme of things. If you have a 4th liner that can play 10 minutes a night and bring two skills you should be happy.

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