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05-13-2013, 12:28 PM
adios Holmgren
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I don't know about that. Lack of patience to me would be maybe a scenario where you have a young guy (Bob) and you think he will be better or as good as someone else (Bryz) but you make the trade or whatever because you don't want to wait that long. The scenario that actually went down, at least from as best that I can tell, is that you had a young guy (Bob) who had a CHANCE to be as good and even less of a CHANCE to better than someone else (Bryz). Snider/Homer did not want to wait to find out if that was going to happen. That isn't lack of patience, that is making an odds calculation or whatever you want to call it. The thinking would have been that if Bob reaches his true potential, he will be Bryz in a couple years. Bryz is Bryz now. I know you didn't see it like that and you thought it was a sure-thing, as we had that discussion already.

But I could see how this could be filed under "lack of patience," though I don't agree with that. However, the rest of the criticisms related to a lack of patience are even less grounded in reality and seem to just be the flavor of the month criticism since "asset management" looks to be a thing of the past.
You think Snider is a patient man at this point of his life? Snider didnt want to wait for Bobrovsky to hit his peak. he wanted a goalie at his peak right now. problem is that he horribly overpaid for him like the desperate, impatient man he is. hes likely to do the same with getting a defenseman as well.
i dont blame the whole Bobrovsky/Bryzgalov fiasco on Holmgren. That is all Snider's fault. The goaltending position had been pretty unstable around here for a long time and Bobrovsky given his age and potential had a chance to change that. But no, we went with the more proven guy and that did not work out at all. Now the Flyers are likely going to continue with the goalie circus for quite awhile longer.

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