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05-13-2013, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Massive cuts to the budget. Some talk of a PST. Mostly accusations from opposition party of over spending.

But a few things, the low benchmark price of oil, bad PR around oilsands, several nations not wanting our product, and the pipeline controversies are all resulting in a massive economic headache.

In the midst of revenues billions of dollars lower than forecast the province is being asked to fund a major arena with an opposition party in waiting yapping at its tails at every turn.

Bad times to be a provincial govt.
Thanks for that and sorry for the delay in my response. Why would some countries not want Albertan Oil? IMO the US not building that pipeline is beyond idiotic, yet we (the US) seem all too content shipping off who knows how much $ to countries that would sooner set us on fire than smile at us.

The lower price of Oil is something that some on here from what I recall said wouldn't happen again. We all know that Alberta is boom/bust when it comes to Oil and if the government didn't save for a rainy day when the getting was good then I feel really bad for the people of Alberta in the event that the bottom drops out of the economy which many of the younger people that haven't gone through these things thought they'd never see in their lifetime. I know that the US's recession sure made me sit up and take notice, my dad predicted it and until I got to see it for myself it was hard to fathom.

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