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05-13-2013, 12:58 PM
def. hockey FAIL
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Originally Posted by Haute Couturier View Post
No matter how you spin it there was a lack of patience.

The problem comes when they overpay a 30+ year old goalie in both money and years. The supposed sure thing wasn't a much better gamble when you are handcuffing yourself to a bad contract. And as we found out he wasn't a sure thing after all.

You are also overlooking their choice wasn't Bob or Bryz. It was Bob AND Vokoun or Bryz. They could've had both for less than the cost than Bryz. That was the better gamble.
exactly. if they felt that Bobrovsky was a year or 2 away from being the #1 then they should of gone with the route of bringing in that stopgap guy like Vokoun who is at the very worst equal to what Bryzgalov brings to the table and could of had both for around 2 million less then what Bryzgalov made alone. Money that could of been used to fix the defense or other areas of the team.
But again we can just chalk that up to "in hindsight" LOL

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