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05-13-2013, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
I'm not singling you out here WhiskeyPete, just I have seen this message posted several times in this thread and it's not really correct.

There is a large volume of goalies available this off-season, however there is two different markets. One of for teams looking to win now, and it's those teams who will be going hard after the likes of Luongo, Miller, et al. That market has a glut of goalies.

The other market though is for teams looking to rebuild, or add to an ongoing rebuild, with a goalie for the long-term. Temas like New Jersey, maybe the Islanders, maybe Calgary, etc. That market is very limited, and Bernier might be the only name available for that market. You might toss Halak into the mix as well if he's available.

The market bernier is competing against is actually very small and should drive his price up.
i hear you. i didn't a very good job of recognizing this. i made some mention of it when i said those guys are essentially 'bridge' kind of guys. to tired from staying up to watch the end of the sux-wings game.

yes there are two markets-two types to fill the spots, but there will be overlap between them. some GMs will inevitably go with the vet with a name, versus the young, unknown that is commanding a 1st round pick.

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