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05-13-2013, 01:19 PM
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Peoria and Bloomington going to SPHL next season. Could others be following shortly?

The CHL is looking very, very shaky. The end could be sooner rather than later.

2012-13 CHL teams and my guesses for the status of each next season:

Allen (ECHL)
Wichita (CHL/ECHL)
Fort Worth (junior/fold)
Rapid City (ECHL)
Missouri (CHL/ECHL)
Quad City (CHL/fold/junior/SPHL)
Arizona (CHL/ECHL/fold)
Denver (CHL/fold)
Bloomington (SPHL)
Tulsa (CHL/junior)

St. Charles (DOA/SPHL)
Brampton (CHL/DOA)

At most the CHL would have Wichita, Missouri, Denver, QC Arizona, Tulsa and the 2 expansion teams. I find this scenario very unlikely. Should Wichita and/or Missouri leave for the ECHL, then I believe the CHL would cease to exist.

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