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05-13-2013, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by gmm View Post
There's a myth I've seen repeated here several times that NHL hockey and players starting in the 90s are better than the pre-90s NHL hockey and players, because there were no Europeans pre-1990. Salming is a top 65 player all time and he started in 73. I'll take my NHL hockey and top 10 players who started their careers before 1990 and put them up against any NHL hockey and top 10 players who started their careers after 1990.
It wasn't because of Europeans, but hockey players, especially starting in the 90s, are far superior to hockey players before. It has to do with preparation, training and coaching.

That being said, those same players from earlier times, playing today, would have the same advantages and would still be just as much better as their peers as they were in their day.

The real myth is that you can compare two players from two completely different eras as if they were on even remotely the same playing field. Of course, without that myth, half of the threads on this board wouldn't even exist.

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