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Originally Posted by GuelphStormer View Post
a question for the seattle crowd ...

what rights does the NBA actually have? y'all seem to be arguing that the league cannot prevent an existing owner from selling their team to anyone they wish, and moreover that the league cannot prevent that new owner from relocating that team to anywhere they want?

but surely, the league could prevent that team from competing in the private professional basketball league called the NBA, non? or are y'all suggesting that anyone with enough money could pay some huge amount to any existing owner and then simply muscle their way into the NBA schedule whether the league wanted them or not?
Al Davis vs NFL essentially took sports league rights to deny relocation to a current owner.

Clippers were relocated from Sad Diego to LA with out the go ahead of the NBA.

This issue is not simply NBA saying yes or no to hansen. Its essentially saying Yes for hansen or yes for Sacramento group. Its also NBA fixing the process and intentionally helping Sacramento to where it does what it needs to keep team under local ownership group at a price the league sets which 525m thus ignoring the latest offer from hansen which the maloofs agreed to.

NBA can not ignore the increased offer by Hansen.

Essentially NBA is non directly saying maloofs no longer have ownership rights of the Kings since they are out going owners and the NBA is free to do what ever they please.

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