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Originally Posted by GuelphStormer View Post
a question for the seattle crowd ...

what rights does the NBA actually have? y'all seem to be arguing that the league cannot prevent an existing owner from selling their team to anyone they wish, and moreover that the league cannot prevent that new owner from relocating that team to anywhere they want?

but surely, the league could prevent that team from competing in the private professional basketball league called the NBA, non? or are y'all suggesting that anyone with enough money could pay some huge amount to any existing owner and then simply muscle their way into the NBA schedule whether the league wanted them or not?
In any other case of league's being able to stop teams from moving (including our own Seahawks when Behring tried to bolt to LA) there was a legal, binding lease with specific performance clauses built in that tied the team to that market. There is none of that in this case and it can be viewed as market manipulation by the NBA based on those circumstances.

As far as owners - again, any situation where a sale has gone this far (where the league has PSA they are reviewing and getting ready to vote on) unless there was some major red flag in the finances of the ownership group or criminal activity that wasn't divulged in the vetting process then they have been voted in to the league. Stern himself called Ballmer the "perfect prototype" of an owner.

So, from my POV you have a freely movable team, a perfect prototype of an owner, a record sale price and one that is significantly higher than the backup bid (and an arena deal that is much further along) and the only reason this hasn't been approved at this point is because Stern is delaying the process (or, some would say given the points outlined above, interfering with the process). We'll see what happens ...

BTW - did Sac make that escrow payment yet?

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