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09-27-2006, 06:03 PM
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Originally Posted by #ZAMBONI# View Post

may be because he wants to stay with the big club ? may be because he wants to make big cash ? May be because he wants to prove to himself and to the others , that he 's able to do it ?

no ! it 's because Muller was an hard nose player and Kosty suddenly had a flash ; what a great idea it would be , to play as my coach assistant was playing .
Actually, I think turnbuckle is on to something. I'm sure that he wanted to make the Habs last year and the year before that, but I also find it plausible that Muller told him (and other players, especially the rookies) to crash the net if he wants to improve his chances this year. If anything, Kostitsyn is such a talented guy that he's never had to play that way to produce.

Anyway, it's early to tell, but the Habs could definitely use some of that Muller philosophy of crashing the net. Most goals are still scored that way, and for a team that's had trouble scoring goals, that kind of coaching emphasis can't hurt.

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