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Originally Posted by Bagge View Post
Maybe so, but I expect a world championship to contain the worlds best players and both you and I knows that is not the case, right? Fact is that WC in its present state is a joke and has nothing to do with who is the worlds best. It is more like which country has the best B-team.

So why call it the WC then?

Dont get me wrong. I found the game this afternoon very exciting. But it was not because of the intensity or the grid, the speed or the nice technical level in which it was played. In fact, the only reason was because Denmark was one of the teams. If that would have been a match between Czechs and Latvia I would have turned off the TV after 5 minutes.

The whole concept of a WC is getting so freaking exploited, that I think it is time to revaluate the format all over again. In the 80's you had Canada Cup preseason to make an alternative for the WC where all players where available. That didnt work out to well either, but having WC every year is in my opinion killing a lot of the attention that the sport would have got otherwise.

If you still dont get my point, then let me ask you a question: Would you feel so strong about the WC if we had qualified for the olympics?
Nobody ells seems to, except for the hardcore hockeyfans.

Buttom line; I called the WC insignificant and boring because what I like in hockey is intensity, fighting spirit, speed, techical superiority and a living crowd. I do not see any of those parameters in the WC except once in a while.
I get some of your points, especially that holding the WC every year is stupid. But this is what we got, and I can't understand why you would turn off the tv if denmark was not playing, because there has been quite a few good games with great intensity and skill. There is talk about something like the Canada Cup making a comeback which would basically mean the death of our national team if that tournament ends up making the World Championship irrelevant.

"Would you feel so strong about the WC if we had qualified for the olympics?" : Yes. Our NT has a great and proud history in this tournament, and it would still mean alot. The olympics is still quite some time away.

The tournament still has a lot of great NHL talent, and the best talent of all the european leagues. And there is great skill, great intensity(with the added aspect of national rivalries), plenty of upsets and while the crowd has been a sad state of affairs this time around, it was quite decent in Germany for instance.

I would love for the WC to have the best players, but the IIHF and the NHL can apparantly not agree to that. but that does not make the WC irrelevant, just less great than it could have been,.

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