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05-13-2013, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by sactown dude View Post
I don't know how this will play out, I just know what one part of the end result will be: Kings in Sacramento. I guarantee they will not be moving to Seattle.

Everyone keeps acting like this is an A or B scenario, so if I say B isn't happening then I must be saying A will happen instead. But that's not true. I'm saying B won't happen, period.
Who knows - with all the twist and turns anyone who thinks they have a read on what will happen is delusional.

If they stay in Sac I hope you are ready for another year of the Maloofs owning the team - cause I would say that bridge has not only been burnt - its been left in a smoldering heap of ashes and we all saw how they reacted to the last time someone tried to end around and buy thru the NBA (KJ and Burkle in '11).

Oh - and the Sac group still needs to get the rest of their offer in escrow. Figured that would have happened by now.

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