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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
I'm sure you have an explanation for the 6" cut, so forgive me for asking, but, why so much? Would that eventually be your targeted flex and length?
I'm short (like 5'8") and like my sticks short I guess? I usually prefer a 54/54.5" shaft so most senior sticks have to be chopped. Intermediates (at least the Dynasty) feels too square/small but the length is near perfect.

To your second question, I like a mid/high 80s flex, so a retail 77 flex cut to 91ish flex is as close as I'll get in Bauer. I also have a 75 flex Dynasty cut to 54.5" and its almost perfect, a tad too whippy.

EDIT: I'm talking retail ^.

MyBauer or custom Warriors don't do different lengths I assume right?

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