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05-13-2013, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Millpool View Post
First, I never said that MacLean "owned" Therrien. You just made that up. But coaching is largely about making adjustments on the fly and adapting your team's play to suit the conditions of a particular game or series. We managed to out-chance them, sure, but they consistently exposed our weaknesses and nothing was done to address them. They had a hot goaltender, sure, but we did nothing to try and make life harder for him. We never scored a goal in the third period!! More adjustments could have been made. All I've been trying to say this whole time is that Therrien, along with others on the team, had a pretty poor first-round, injuries or not.
There's a lot more to coaching than just adjusting on the fly. Seriously, that's just one single aspect.
How do you know that nothing was done to address whatever you think they exposed??
How do you know that nothing was done to make Anderson's life harder??
Is Michel Therrien the one freaking skating on the ice?? So how do you know he didn't tell his players to do certain things (like crash/screen more) but they just couldn't execute properly?? Is that also his fault? Are we supposed to disregard injuries, talent, scoring chances, incredible goalie performances, just so you point can make a little more sense???
I promised to stay away from name calling but don't you see why someone would be tempted to call you clueless when you pretty much just assume things without having the slightest idea of what Therrien actually told his players.
One thing I'm definitely sure off though is that Therrien told his players not to score goals in the 3rd period. For sure he never addressed any of that and it's all on him.

If Montreal had poor playoffs, then I don't know what you'd say the team that was dominated 3 games out of 5 by us had.

This series came down to goaltending. It's as clear as it will ever be. There was no coaching mismatch.

Originally Posted by Millpool View Post
You're kind of forgetting about the whole defensive side of things, which is where our biggest problems lie.
It was?
So it's our defenders fault Price can't stop clear routine shots from the top of the faceoff circle. Got it.

Our defense was our weakness, but we didn't lose because of defense. We lost because Anderson outplayed Price and that didn't happen because Ottawa was getting more chances than us (they weren't), or because Ottawa was better. It happened because Price let in routine shots while Anderson made crucial saves.
We sat back and defended in only one period, the 3rd one of game 4 and we were doing a pretty good job at it actually until the refs decided to go in full ''help Ottawa'' mode.

This might I add with a battered roster.

The fact that we can agree that Mtl out chanced Ottawa, that it could have easily been 3-1 Mtl going into game 5, despite a battered group and having scored only 8 goals in 4 games, is proof enough that coaching wasn't an issue. The team was playing well, and when you're team is playing well, out chancing its opponents, then it just isn't getting outcoached.

You need to understand the difference between making mistakes and getting outcoached.

Originally Posted by Millpool View Post
These things aren't mutually exclusive. Ultimately, we were sunk because of a lack of depth. But what I'm saying is that coaching is another facet of the game and it's another facet that we lost in. Just as Anderson out-goaltended Price, so too did MacLean out-coach Therrien. Whether or not we have the proper pieces to respond, it's the coaches job to adjust as well as is possible and I don't think he did. I'm not saying his lack of adjustments are why we lost, I'm saying that they didn't help the cause at all.

I think we're just starting to repeat ourselves here. We're probably not going to agree, and that's okay. I like what Therrien did this year, but I think he had a pretty awful first-round and hopefully, along with the rest of the team, will learn from it.
No they're not. It's pretty easy to beat a team that is missing half of their forwards, most of them being key forwards, not bottom liners. Pretty easy to say it's up to the coach to adjust. But there's such a thing as reality. If you go into a race with a bunch of horses, who get injured, and you replace them with dogs, then you're gonna lose. As I said, you can have the best coach in the world, we were not going to win without all those injuries.

MacLean didn't outcoach Therrien. He relied on his goalie to make 50 saves while Price let in some routine shots. In game 3, our players opted to play a physical game, and got away from the game plan, that's the only game you can really say that they screwed up.

As I previously said, Therrien isn't free of mistakes, but to say MacLean beat him coaching wise is just wrong. Unless you consider giving up 50 shots to your opponent, scoring with your skate and having linesman make one bad call after the next that heavily favors your team, as well as making your opponent's goalie injured on a routine shot 2 seconds before OT, all good strategies from MacLean.

Seriously, Therrien could have done certain things different, would likely not have changed the outcome at all, but MacLean didn't beat him coaching wise.

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