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Originally Posted by KingsFan7824 View Post
Varlamov was traded before the 11/12 season for a 2012 1st round pick, because I'm guessing Colorado thought that with Varlamov they would be a better team in 11/12, thus pushing the pick further down the board.

Montreal traded Halak at the absolute height of his value after that playoff run he had in 2010.

If Lombardi is asking for a 1st+, that's also part of the reason Bernier is still a King. Which is ok, because the Kings shouldn't just trade him for the sake of it, and shouldn't be in any hurry to do so. This isn't Loktionov wanting out, or Gagne wondering what his future is. Bernier is potentially too important of a player for the Kings. He dresses every game.

I would agree that that's more along the lines of what we would see. If anyone is thinking a 2013 1st round pick, a roster player, a good prospect, I'd say hold off on any of that talk.

The Kings are not dealing from a position of strength, since everyone knows Bernier wants to play, but hasn't had the chance to do it over a long period of time.

I'd say the earliest Bernier might get traded would be early July. Teams figure out who they can or do get in free agency, and only then does Bernier get dealt for actual assets. If he still gets dealt. I don't know if any GM's are worried about the Bernier train leaving the station too quickly.
I agree that Halak and Varlamnov should have higher value, theya re more proven at the time of their tardes. But you can't ignore that their deals help set a ceiling of sorts and DL will shoot to get as close to that ceiling as he can.

The asking price isn't necessarily why Bernier is still a King. For all we know, a deal is tentatively in place now, but due to the season we had DL may have refused to deal him. Quick was shaky to strat the season and it was a condensed season, so dealing Bernier wouldn't help the Kings as much as any asking price would have.

The Kings are dealing from a position of strength if two teams really want Bernier and are willing to bid against each other even slightly. And there is enough of a market to make that possible. For a team like NJ for example, if they elect to rebuild after next season (when Broduer is a UFA and could retire) then getting a young guy like Bernier makes way more sense than a random UFA goalie who is in his 30's. Bernier provides something no other goalie on the market offers; long-term stability. Now yes, he could flop, but only Bernier has the ability to be a starter for a team for a decade or more. Guys like Miller, Louongo, etc. are at best a five year solution, so unless you already have someone in the pipeling developing already to take over when they are done their contracts, it makes little sense to go that route.

Bernier will get dealt IMO just before or at the NHL Entry Draft.

Originally Posted by KingsFan7824 View Post
I'm not sure a team is going to be throwing around an offer sheet for what so far has been a backup goalie. There are goalies that are UFA's. There are goalies that are more proven under contract.
Actually an offer sheet is a really good idea for a GM wanting a potential starting goalie without giving up much assets.

This is the RFA compensation levels for 2011-2012:

The cap for next season is the same as in 2011-2012, so odds are the compensation chart will be similar or exactly the same. If someone were to offer $3.1 million for Bernier, that'd cost them only a 2nd round pick. However for $3.1 million, unless Bernier completely flops, that's not a terrible price and could be a bargain if he takes the reins and runs with it. Additionally, DL would be hard pressed to match that offer sheet because now we'd have a $3.1 million backup, and we can't trade him for at least 12 months after matching the offer sheet. That bid could handcuff DL without handcuffing the other team, financially or compensation wise. And a lot of teams still have their own 2nd.

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