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05-13-2013, 03:54 PM
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Alright tough decision time. I officialy hate my Warrior Esquire and am moving on to a nicer stick. In the past I used to buy the top model and not really care since I could justify it by playing competitive but now that I don't I want to be a bit more price conscious so I have a budget of around $150. First off I'd like to say that if anybody knows where I can get a right handed SE16 then I'll take that one right now, it is my favorite stick. But I've broken it down to these three:

Easton Mako M5II
Vapor X:40

Also, for HockeyMonkey users, do sticks on clearance usually get restocked? They have Easton EQ50 and Synergy's on for $99 dollars but they are currently out of stock and I'm confused because I would expect once they sold out they would take the ad down if they weren't getting more.

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