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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
Anaheim's season over?? Queue the rumors of Ryan to the Flyers.

On that note though, Anaheim fans seem to want to upgrade their defense. Coburn for Ryan? Of course Anaheim fans would want more than that though. I am thinking Homer brings in a top line winger for Giroux, and Ryan fits that bill.

Also people saying wait until he hits UFA. He hits it in 2 more years, and he is in his offensive peak right now along with Giroux. If Flyers are trying to win now, right now would be the time to do the deal.

Also it seems most of them are okay with the idea of moving Sbisa. I wonder if Homer would try to get him back if he hit the market? I wouldn't mind him coming back here.

Coburn+Read+2rd rounder


We have a top-line winger for Giroux. He's wearing #93.
Listen, I like Ryan and I'd love him on the Flyers but this team has bigger problems than finding players to play with Giroux. Also we are not trying to win now, we'll try to win in 2-3 years.
That offer btw is atricious, the Ducks probably wouldn't give you Ryan alone for that if you won't change that 2nd rounder to a first.

Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
We will agree to disagree. I have watched him play (dont know if you have but throwing this out there) and the guy plays VERY similar in a sense to Carle. One thing he does have that Carle doesn't is a shot that hits the net. That being said though, there is a reason why he is being sheltered. He averages just about 20 minutes a game because of his deficiency on the defense end. They don't shelter him because they want him rested, it's just that there are better "defenders" who defend than he is. I can throw the stats out there, but most here don't care about that sort of stuff so I wont.
I know I'll get some laughs for this on here but playing like Carle isn't really a bad thing. Yes he had has downsides but what he brought to this team was huge and we saw it last season. It's becoming ridiculous how much crap Carle still gets on here. He's been a really good player for us.

Originally Posted by Psuhockey View Post
The blues are in an interesting situation next year. They do have the money to have all 3 guys but I think they would listen to a trade for Shattenkirk if it involved a good forward. I know fans love Simmonds, but he is the best trading chip the Flyers have. Unlike Couturier, Read, or B. Schenn, nothing of consequence would have to be added in any deal involving Wayne. It would suck to lose him, but I think it would hurt the team more to trade multiple high end assets, like Couturier + 1st, instead of just him. Plus the UFA crop for rights wings isn't too bad with Clarkson, Iginla and Horton there. Simmonds for Shattenkirk is a deal I would do for the Flyers.

I'm really not sure the Blues need Simmonds. They have like 4 or 5 guys just like him. What they need is a center.

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