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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
I am a little out of my element on this whole thing so I hope you can help me out (in all honesty by the way).

The cap for this coming season is $64m, same as last season isn't it? If so is it then going down to $60m for the 14/15 season? That is what I understand it to be and am basing my opinion(s) on. If we match any offsheet for JB up to the $3.5m range then we have him signed to a very reasonable contract for a starter and are only on the hook for him until the end of next season when the cap drops.

That will only make JB even more valuable (if we have him signed in the $3.5 range) come next offseason. In the meantime we have the best 1-2 tandem in the NHL for another season and will get top value for JB when the time comes too.

That is what I am thinking. Also, we will be continuing to add our own kids to fill the coming holes to our line up as we have to date so that will help us keep the cap under control too.

That is how I am seeing things but I give a ton of respect to what Kingsfan, you and others have to say on these things so I am keeping an open mind.

I can add this and take it with the great salt lake of salt but I have heard from one of our own scouts very recently that DL has a deal in place for JB that will answer all of our questions. I was also told that it is only a tentative thing so anything can happen but that "DL values Berny (jb) as high as anyone else on the team).

I have to think that DL is going to get as close to what he wants for JB or he will keep him until he does or simply can't.

Its all dutch chocolate to me.
We don't know what the cap will be in 14/15 it will go back to the formula. And this years cap was 70.2M last year was 64.3M which is the same as next year. So it depends on what revenue is for next year. But it is all about having that much salary tied up in your goal. It's almost 15% of your total salary. With what JQ is going to get starting next year we want our backup in the 2M range no more. And because of where JB is at it will no longer be DL choice really. We trade him or he probably signs an offer sheet and we take what we get.

As to calling JB a starter. Most of us think he is able to be just that. But it's unproven and at 3.5M he would be in and around the top 20 in cap hit for goalies. And there will be at least one proven starter on the market coming out of Vancouver.

DL will take the best offer he can get on draft day for him otherwise he looses all control over what happens. And it's better to know what your are getting even if you aren't happy that take the chance.

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