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01-03-2004, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by awesome`
Could Jason Arnott be one of these guys?

He is big. He is a center. He is right handed. He is veterant...

Add to that the fact that Dallas isn't exactly doing well by their standard, and he might be available on the market. Plus, Gainey has some ties with the Stars' organization.

I'd like to see him here, but I wonder what it would cost to us..
When you think about it seriously, do we really have room for Jason Arnott right now? I agree, we do need a #2 center that can put up good numbers and also bring size and grit. But the problem is, with Koivu being an established #1 center with the Canadiens, and Ribeiro having his break-out year, and establishing himself as a very decent #2 center, would Arnott accept to play a 3rd liner role? I don't think so, especially on a team that's not even sure to participate to the playoffs year after year.

Add to that the fact that Perreault is also an offensive center that can not take defensive responsibilities, which means you need to use him on the top 2 lines to get decent results from him. It doesn't make sense, to me... unless one of these 3 guys is involved in the deal, which, once again, I highly doubt (Koivu and Ribeiro for obvious reasons, and Perreault for money reasons).

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