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05-13-2013, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Alright tough decision time. I officialy hate my Warrior Esquire and am moving on to a nicer stick. In the past I used to buy the top model and not really care since I could justify it by playing competitive but now that I don't I want to be a bit more price conscious so I have a budget of around $150. First off I'd like to say that if anybody knows where I can get a right handed SE16 then I'll take that one right now, it is my favorite stick. But I've broken it down to these three:

Easton Mako M5II
Vapor X:40

Also, for HockeyMonkey users, do sticks on clearance usually get restocked? They have Easton EQ50 and Synergy's on for $99 dollars but they are currently out of stock and I'm confused because I would expect once they sold out they would take the ad down if they weren't getting more.
You're from Vancouver? No need to look at Monkey unless you're heading down to their stores, I'm sure you can find some great top end clearance sticks in your area. I'm sure you could do better than the 3 listed, as good as those 3 are. Retailers will sometimes receive old closeout stock from manufacturers, which is why they are often deeply discounted. These are not regular occurrences and you can't predict them.

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