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Originally Posted by Ryan English View Post
Frankie, are you an angry small market GM?

Haha you have completely lost your marbles with these draft/collusion conspiracy thories. The QMJHL draft has a relatively small issue with the NCAA, correct. They are working on a solution, I have heard talk of some smaller market scouts wanting kids to declare their eligibility before the draft or they have to go through waivers (AKA guarenteed to end up on a weak team).
so is there a problem here or not? on the one hand people (with a vested interest) say its not a big issue, yet on the other hand the league and everyone involved is searching for a solution.

of course there's collusion among everyone involved. the teams, their individual scouts, the agents, the league management, everyone is in this together. the draft is a farce and someone needs to step up and expose it.

That may cause some talent to leave the league though. Still waiting on a solution for these 3-4 players per year who play in between, but it sure as hell won't end up being your solution of teams wasting picks on players who aren't interested.
but as I've said, most of the time if you pick a player who says he's going ncaa, it ends up not being a wasted pick at all. either that player shows up and plays in the q, or he gets traded for a something good in return.

Lets say we use your solution with Anthony Duclair or Deluca in the early 2nd. Rouyn-Noranda, fora smaller market example, drafts them, they say thanks but I would prefer NCAA. All Rouyn has now gained is the pride of saying 'we're fixing this draft and we tried". Fans don't accept that, ownership doesn't except that.. Nobody does.
but of course, Anthony duclair never had any intention of playing ncaa. he wanted to play for the quebec remparts. so if i'm Rouyn noranda, you better believe i'll draft him. and it won't be a wasted pick. if I know he wants to go to the remparts, and I know Patrick roy wants him, we're going to make a nice trade for his rights.

are there many examples of these wasted picks you speak of? where a kid said he was going ncaa, gets drafted into the q anyways with a decently high pick, and still goes ncaa?

i'd say there are many, many more examples of a kid playing the ncaa card and going back on his word and playing in the q after lying to everyone and saying he wouldn't. nice thing for agents and parents to be teaching a 15 year old.

Scoutman has a QMJHL scouting gig. This is a fact I can attest to. He is an experienced hockey mind, and yes anyone can be a scout but you won't last long without good critical thinking, its like any other thinking job.
I have no doubt scoutman has a qmjhl scouting gig. I know quite a few people who also have these gigs. they're all basically just fans like the rest of us, and have coached some minor hockey. no brilliant hockey minds, no critical thinkers. just guys who love hockey and know someone else who works for a team. its basically just word of mouth, and who you know.

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