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Originally Posted by MadLuke View Post
Sure and preventing a goal is the same on the scoreboard than scoring one. But the goaltender preventing 26 goal during at night does not have the same value than a 3 goal scorer during that night.

Because value only occur where a player score a goal than a average player would not have scored or prevent a goal than average player will not have prevented.

Look at power play production the same way, how many power play goal your team would have score if your replacement will have played (just thing, for each goal scored 10-20 second of your power play 15% of the time your team will have scored anyway during the next 100 seconds.

You have to beat that to have an actual net goal production added to the team, and value. Mario Lemieux did, probably the most of all nhler of all time.

Now does the Lemieux production over Jagr make up for the fact that he was not as good on even strenght (if that part is true) could be available to us via number.
I suppose you will also want to ignore the fact that Francis centered Jagr that year and was a close runner up for the Selke(Based on two way play) and that the best transition game defenseman on the team was out when they were instead of with Lemieux. Along with the fact that Lemieux was making this scoring happen with, well, the lesser linemates.

Jagr was not better at ES. His line was

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