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Originally Posted by MuzikMachine View Post
Mike Keenan was infamous for pulling his goalies mid-game, only to have them come in a few minutes later, makes you wonder if a goalie who played under him for an extended period of time might have a higher number of pulls than the average? While with the Blues, Grant Fuhr played 79 and 73 games in the 95-96 & 96-97 seasons respectively – probably a few pulls in there.
How would that stat even be measured, other than going by a game-by-game history? I’m guessing “pulls” isn’t a stat that’s easily measured. Would you look at teams stats and add the number of total games the goaltenders played, anything over the number of games in a season is the number of games there were multiple goaltenders?
For example, the 1995-96 Blues:
Grant Fuhr – 79 GP
Bruce Racine – 11 GP
Jon Casey – 9 GP
Pat Jablonski – 1 GP
Total GP for the goaltenders – 100
Total Season GP – 82 --> 18 GP with multiple goalies (still don’t know who)
Well, what we do know is that Bruce Racine replaced Jon Casey in one game that season, and Jablonski's only game was in relief of Fuhr. Casey had two full games, the start where Racine replaced him, and (as far as I can tell) at most two other starts where Fuhr played. Casey and Fuhr shared six games, at least four of which I can say definitively Fuhr started.

Racine played every single game in relief, although he did play 57 minutes in one game (Fuhr was pulled under 4 minutes in after only one goal). Racine also suffered a pull, being yanked after one goal on five shots in just under ten minutes of play in a 7-3 blowout. Fuhr gave up 6; 3 before Racine and 3 after, and therefore Racine was charged with the loss.

So we have 11-13 pulls for Fuhr, 1 for Racine, 1-3 for Casey, and 0 for Jablonski. Jablonski was traded soon after his 1 game to Montreal for J.J. Daigneault; which was the most valuable thing he could have done for the Blues.

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