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05-13-2013, 06:25 PM
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I guess some of them are subjective. But I'll try and capture the moments that almost any fan can relate to and admit they were watching something special.

- Bourque winning the Cup. Look, I haven't shed a tear privately or publicly in a decade, but this hockey's version of "Its a Wonderful Life" in my opinion. Everything Bourque went through with the Bruins, from great teams to has been teams it felt great even for a Bruin fan to watch him lift the Cup. The relief, the emotions, the tears all came to the forefront. One of the greatest players in the history of the game waited so long to win the Cup and he needed his final game to get there. You knew classy Joe Sakic was going to pass him the Cup without even blinking.

- The closing of the Montreal Forum. I'm a Leaf fan and while I was sad to see Maple Leaf Gardens close I can also say that the emotion that came from the closing of the Forum trumps everything. The 8 minute ovation for Richard. Seeing even the fierce Rocket wipe away tears as the crowd cheeered him on just gave you a lump in your throat.

- The Miracle on Ice game. It had everything. A close game, political tension to it and a 1000-1 odds type of game. As a Canadian I get chills when I hear Al Michaels say "Do you believe in Miracles.........YES!"

- Henderson's goal. Nuff said.

- Lemieux's goal in 1987. Alright, it wasn't like 1972, the Ruskies already had our respect so it wasn't one of those "we lost but won" type of thing. But still, those three games by those two great teams were priceless. Even today I watch those games on tape and despite knowing what will happen it is tense.

- Crosby's goal. The best player in the game scores an Olympic gold medal winning goal in overtime on his home ice. When will that ever happen again?

- 1996 World Cup, Game 3. Even seeing the Americans win, that was still a classic game. Mike Richter's performance was one for the ages.

- The Easter Epic in 1987. That was a classic goaltending duel.

- Nystrom's goal in 1980

- Seeing Vladdy on the ice with his wheelchair celebrating with the 1998 Wings.

- Fleury's save off of Lidstrom in 2009. I can't think of another time when the Stanley Cup came down to one single play for hockey supremacy.

- Richter's save off of Bure in the 1994 Cup final. It was one of those times when even as you were watching it you knew it was going to be a classic either way it went

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