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01-03-2004, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by beerpaul
You are right about 1 thing. "He WAS among the three or four most valuable players...". Past tense. You would like to build your team around an over the hill 8.5 million dollar player, who will be life and death to get 20 goals this year? I know points aren't everything, but if you're paying over 8 mill. a year, 30 to 40 goals is an absolute must.
I thought we covered the salary-deal a few times already. Not interested in covering it again. I have confidence in Holik's abilities, you clearly don't. We agree to disagree. Easy, aye? :p

Originally Posted by MissionHockey
Yet was replaced rather easily by Madden.
Didn't I put Madden in my top ten centers as well?

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