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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I don't know much of anything about baseball but isn't a team infused with chemistry as is the case with any other team sport?

If this is the case how do you build a team by infusing several new players into the "team"?

I would imagine like in any team sport it would take considerable time to gell, familiarize, learn each others tendencies, become a machine, etc.

Isn't it possible the Blue Jays made too many changes in personnel?
The only chemistry needed on a baseball team is between pitcher and catcher. Sometimes pitcher and first baseman as well for pickoffs. Basically as long as everyone does their jobs, you should be alright. Problem is, the Jays best hitting catcher can't catch the knuckleball to save his life, and to be honest he's a pretty terrible defensive catcher. And the NL hadn't seen a knuckleballer in years, that's one reason Dickey dominated so long. The AL East has had Wakefield throwing junk at them for a long time until he retired recently.

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