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Originally Posted by Astaroth View Post
If only life was so simple as that. Like someone said, it's the pre season, we'll see how it goes when it starts to hurt and the going get tough.

And Perez was driving to the net and playing hard since last playoffs, and I wonder how Saku almost had his career ended, I think he was somewhere in the vicinity of the net also. I'll give you Ribs, I suppose but he was never afraid of going to the net, just too weak to do so effectively. Kosts... we never really have had a sample of how he really plays so eh.

I don't how good of coach Muller is, except that Queens was terrible during his tenure (then again, their talent pool isn't that great) but you don't just grab your coach's former attributes as a player magically.

Life is that simple pal; it can be made complicated by overthinking tho. Ask any NHL coach and he'll tell you that the best time for coaching is training camp - you just don't get a lot of opportunities during the season, and it's without a doubt the best time to get things through the heads of young players.

You recall Claude Julien being a great net crasher in his playing days? Or Rick Green? Captain Kirk was one of the best in Habs history - of course he's going to coach his young players to crash the net, just as I'm sure Carbo did with Perezhogin late last season when he took over from Julien.

I and many here have seen Kostitsyn play 20-30 games over the past two seasons, and I don't recall seeing him crash the net like he has in the past two games - but no - there's no way Muller could have anything to do with that because in one short season in Kingston he failed to turn around a mediocre university hockey program. Obviously he's a mute incompetent because he doesn't have a proven NHL coaching record

Even Scotty Bowman was a rookie NHLcoach at one point.

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