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Originally Posted by WangMustGo View Post
Toews is better right now, however offensively Tavares probably has the edge. Chicago is the best team in the league. They have 4 allstar forwards in Sharp, Hossa, Kane, and Toews. Toews has incredible talent around him. They control the puck better than almost any team in the league. Don't you realize Kane helps Toews een if they aren't playing on the same line? Toews doesn't see other teams top defensive units every game like Tavares does.
First of all, Toews does see other teams top defensive units every game. The opposing team's best defensive players were matched up against Toews/Hossa/Saad consistently all year. And with good reason since they were by far the best line on the Hawks. Second of all, Toews only played with one of those players you mentioned... And he outscored him by 17 points.

Tavares carried Moulson, and especially Boyes. Boyes was beyond awful, infact he was our worst forward outside of marty reasoner. Give Tavares one of Sharp, Hossa, or Kane and who knows what happens, but his output would likely improve significantly.
Seems to me the same things were being said about PA Parenteau last year and it turns out that may not have been the case. You can't simply say that if you add Hossa or Sharp or Kane that Tavares would automatically have more points. Maybe with more talent around him he doesn't see as much PP time (where he scored a large portion of his points and played significantly more time than Toews did). Maybe playing for coach Q he is forced to play more defensively and his offence suffers.

Both players are great though, and I would be thrilled to have Toews on the Islanders, and as I said Toews all around game is probably more valuable right now, but lets wait and see what Tavares can turn into when he gets a few more players around him.
I have no problem with this at all. My issue is with people saying that Tavares is way better offensively. He simply has not proved that he is to this point. That may change in the future, but for now the two players are on the same level offensively.

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