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Originally Posted by triggrman View Post
I didn't like the trade then and still don't like it. I would have preferred Blum traded.
Really? You seemed to think it was necessary before...

Originally Posted by triggrman View Post
it was a bad trade from an nhl 12 standpoint, but a necessary one in real life.
i don't understand how you can overlook:
1) we were on the hook for 2 more years with 7 million dollars owed on a contract that was unisured.
2) the minute we acquired fisher, lombardi was redundant, esp with the center depth we have. while it may not be sexy, we can roll solid centers n every line.
3)cody franson is a third pair dman. we have replaced him with a third pair dman in hillen. and even with franson being 6-4 or whatever and hillen being 5-7 or whatever, the physical presence is about the same. do we lose out on the pp? our power play sucked with him. at worst it sucks without him.
4)this was a cya trade. poile didn't want to be on the hook for the money if lombardi got hurt again. while matt may be a good player, he is a hit away from being marc savard, and we can't afford that.
5) cody is an rfa after this year as well i think. i would guess he would command 2 million or so. why would we want to pay him that when we have 1 million dollar options in house? plus we have more important rfas to worry about, and not weber-sk, wilon, blum, etc.

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