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Originally Posted by driveforfive View Post
I would like to show you posters the stats that I have compiled through old newspapers. The goals are not official as some games never showed the goal scorers but it gives a good indication of who the best players were. I have found that Hall of Fame members are the only men that are being remembered and in some cases they were far from being the best players. Of this group only 3 are in the Hockey Hall of Fame #6 Drinkwater, #8 Smith, and #15 Trihey. The Montreal Victorias were the greatest hockey team of the 1890's and argument can be used that they were the greatest amateur team of all time. The leaders of that team were Bob McDougall, Shirley Davidson, and Graham Drinkwater - McLea and Cam Davidson were also key figures. The majority of these players were Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa anglophones (mainly Montreal). Bob McDougall, Clary MacKerrow, Billy Barlow, Haviland Routh, and Shirley Davidson, and Chauncey Kirby were great hockey players that have long been forgotten. Graham Drinkwater should not have been in the Hall of Fame if these guys are not in it. Trihey is in the Hall of Fame and he only played 2 or 3 years. Alf Smith was one of the dirtiest players of all time and even Ottawa hated having him on their team. Yet these are the 3 in the Hall as opposed to the other 13. If they were prominent in the community afterwards that helped with their induction. Shirley Davidson was as good or better than Drinkwater but since he committed suicide in 1907 it adds to people forgetting what he accomplished in hockey. These guys played 50 years before the hall of fame was introduced. Clary MacKerrow was a phenomenal athlete as were all of these forgotten stars.

1. Bob McDougall (VICS) 49
2. A. E. "Dolly" Swift (Que) 37
3. Clary MacKerrow (MAAA) 34
4. Billy Barlow (MAAA) 33
5. Haviland Routh (MAAA) 32
6. Graham Drinkwater (Vics) 28
7. Shirley Davidson (VICS) 27
8. Alf Smith (Ott) 22
8. Herb Russell (OTT) 22
10. A. D. Scott (Que) 19
11. Norman Rankin (Vics) 18
11. Desse Brown (Sham/MAAA) = 18
11. Ernie McLea (Vics) 18
11. Chauncey Kirby (Ott) 18
15. Harry Trihey (Shamrocks) = 17
16. Cam Davidson (Vics) 14

Games played is nearly 100% accurate - 1 or 2 players may be a game off. Out of the list of forwards only 3 are in the Hall of Fame - Drinkwater, Westwick, and Smith.

A. E. Swift (Quebec) = 43
A. D. Scott (Quebec) = 40
Billy Barlow (MAAA) = 39
Shirley Davidson (Vics) = 39
Graham Drinkwater (Vics) = 37
Chauncey Kirby (Ottawa) = 36
Bob McDougall (Vics) = 36
Harry Westwick (Ottawa) = 27
Clarey MacKerrow (MAAA) = 27
Herbert Russell (Ottawa) = 26
Dave Brown (Crystals) = 24
Alf Smith (Ottawa) = 24
Desse Brown (Sham/MAAA) = 24
Harry Horsfall (MAAA) = 23
Haviland Routh (MAAA) = 23
Archie Hodgson (MAAA) = 21
Ernie McLea (Vics) = 20

The Hall of Fame members in the Point/Cover Point position are Mike Grant and Harvey Pulford. They deserve to be there. Weldy Young should also be there. Weldy tutored Harvey Pulford and played more games than any other player in the 1890's. With Young at Cover Point and Pulford at Point Ottawa always had great defence. Young went looking for gold after the 1899 season and played a big part in bringing the team from Dawson City to Montreal in that classic Stanley Cup Challenge. Weldy was the captain of the team but he could not make the trip. Weldy also did some refereeing and was manager of the team in Haileybury (NHA) in later years with little success. Young-Davidson mining, still in existence today, was named after Weldy and his prospecting partner Jake Davidson.

Point/Cover Point
Weldy Young (Ottawa) = 51
Watson (Quebec) = 47
Mike Grant (Vics) = 43
Harvey Pulford (Ottawa) = 36
C. Scott (Quebec) = 25
Frank Stephens (Crys/Sham) = 24
Frank Wall (Shams) = 21
Roland Elliott (Victorias) = 20

Only one goaltender that played in the 1890's made the Hall of Fame and that is Ottawa's Brose Hutton who replaced Fred Chittick in 1899:

Shut-out Leaders:
Chittick (Ottawa) = 3
Collins (MAAA) = 3
Morel (Ottawa) = 2
Lewis (Vics) = 2
McKenna (Shamrocks) = 1

Games Played:
Herb Collins (Crystals/MAAA) = 50
F. S. Stocking (Que) = 42
Fred Chittick (Ott) = 31
Robert W. Jones (Vics) = 21
Gordie Lewis (Vics) = 18
A. Morel (Ottawa) = 14
Great work, I have been long hoping somebody would find the time to collect these stats to go along with the Manitoba(Winnipeg) stats from Ever since I read the several hundred of hockey player biographies from "Hockey Over Time" -website in 1999-2000, in fact. Too bad that site isn't around any more, as far as I know.

Now since there seems to be some differences between your stat totals for some players (e.g. Trihey/Drinkwater compared to HHOF site), it would be even more great if you'd find time to post stats per year for all the players you have.

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